Funny shirts that hit home. Good quality.

— Micah on Things to Try When Fixing a Bug

It came right on time and ordering was easy; I'll definitely shop here in the future!

— Ka F. on What People Hear When I Say I'm a Software Developer...

There are only 10 kinds of people in the world — those who understand binary; those who don't; and those who mistook this for a binary joke.

IF you understand this, you'll love this shirt OR mug . . .

— Phil on There are only 2 Hard Things in Computer Science

Love the poster, and the small size makes it look like any other "In case of fire" signs!! Love it...

— Darren on In Case of Fire: Git -tf out Poster

Good quality print, comfortable.

— Thomas on 10 Stages of Debugging

This wacky t-shirt inspires you to reverse engineer the World, improve it, and open source it!

— Ashwin on I Would Love to Change the World...

Shirt fit as expected. Came in as expected. Looked as expected. So great purchase and customer service. Great product as well.

— Shawn on What Do We Want?

Had trouble making payment with Visa but it showed me what I was doing wrong and all was taken care of. Plan to wear in Las Vegas when I go on vacation in two weeks.

— Greg on I Would Love to Change the World...

Embrace your Programmerhood, and proclaim it to the world with this fun tee-shirt! Beer, Coffee, Pizza, R-rated humor; these are all things this programmer loves!

— Ashwin on Programmer Shirt Label